Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kumar Vishwas in his element - at Indore, India

I learned about Kumar Vishwas and his "brand" of poetry/satire/stand-up just by happenstance. But, for once i did not regret having spend time surfing internet unnecessarily. Here is what was going through my mind while i was watching this performance of his:
1. Hindi poetry is beautiful - i wonder why i failed to do well in Hindi in school, and always hated that class and the poetry books we were made to read and understand. I wish this guy was my Hindi teacher then.
2. This guys is in the same league as Surinder Sharma (another prominent Hindi poet/satirist). This guy beats the George Carlins and Russell Peterss of the world hands down, and too that without so much as making a single reference to any part of human reproductive anatomy! I wish those guys understood Hindi, and could listen to what Kumar Vishwas has to say.
3. The lovers of Hindi poetry, shayaree, mushayara, kavi sammelans, hasayaras all over the world will relish this.

Of all the videos i could dig up of Kumar Vishwas' various performances, these were the ones of best quality, and included many of his poems and "jokes" all in a single performance. So i decided to spend a little while to put them together on a single page where one doesn't have to spend time searching for it too much. I hope you enjoy as much as i did. There are certainly other performances of Kumar Vishwas' which contains stuff different from this performance, but you'll have to look for that on your own! And i look forward to hearing from you as to your thoughts upon watching Kumar Vishwas. Have fun.

Kumar Vishwas at Indore - 1

Kumar Vishwas at Indore - 2

Kumar Vishwas at Indore - 3

Kumar Vishwas at Indore - 4

Kumar Vishwas at Indore - 5