Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh gayee, oh gayee - Superwomen a la Ludhiana

Junior is standing in the front and sucking on an ice-lolly, the slightly older one is riding pillion managing his and his younger brother's bags over either shoulder, all the while sucking on an ice-lolly. Mamma has glares on, is talking on her 'handsfree', but at times giving instructions to the two young ones sucking on their ice-lollies. She suddenly has to slowdown and even brake a little - the culprit - a vegetable vendor on his three-wheeled pull-cart who had to swerve a little to avoid getting his left rear wheel into an open manhole.

"Oye tainu redi chalani nahin aandee taan sabzee kyon vechan challeya hain?" i.e. "If you don't know how to pull a cart then why are you selling vegetables?" 
The younger one doesn't care, but the older one dares to ask, "Mummy, ehda ki matlab hoya?" i.e. "Mummy, what did that even mean?" 
"Tu chup reh, tainu kuch nahin pata" i.e. "You stay quite, you don't know anything"


With glares on talking in her 'handsfree' she is stopped at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, suddenly, a quick flick of the wrist to turn the accelerator of the scooter, and she is gone - her chunni and stole flying, and her left thumb is on the switch of a blaring horn. Avoiding the rickshaw, sidewinding the two elderly gentlemen on their old school scooters with manual gearshifts.